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Community Yoga (beginner friendly)

This class emphasizes holding postures to build muscle strength and flexibility. It also focuses on transitioning mindfully through each pose to increase awareness. It’s prefect for beginners and those looking for a slow to moderate paced class. Open to all levels.



Vinyasa Flow

This class is a vinyasa flow that incorporates mindfulness and breath work. You can expect a combination of stimulating and relaxing sequences. Open to all levels and modifications are offered to suit the needs of individual students.



Belly Dance

Come and learn the basics of Egyptian-style belly dancing! In this class you will learn the basic steps, movements, and isolations that are distinct to the Egyptian style. This class will focus on breaking down moves and learning how to pair those moves with the music (typically Arabic music.) Improvised choreography is encouraged during this class. What to wear: Anything comfortable and that allows you to move freely - yoga pants, sweat pants, leggings, tank tops, T-shirts, etc. This class is taught barefoot but you may use ballet slippers or anything similar if you are not comfortable otherwise.


Corrective Yoga

Stretch and strengthen while learning what ideal balance and alignment feel like. An excellent class for people who are interested in reducing pain, overcoming injury and preserving/improving overall physical competency.